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Bring in 2021 With the Best Books for Kids

Christmas, Boxing Day and the sales that come afterwards in the holiday season of 2020 are the perfect time to get gifts for your loved ones and new items for your house (tempting, we know).

In the modern-day, however, there are lots of shiny toys, technologies and gadgets that attract the eyes of the young and young at heart. While these seem like obvious gifts, don't forget some of the old-school staples that make the perfect present as well – like books.

Why give books as presents?

There are many reasons why books make such a great present for kids. They are a fantastic gift for the child that has everything. It is also a way to boost their education, as research has shown that kids who have never been given a book as a present are more likely to be below the reading level for their age.

Depending on their age, novels as a present also present a bonding experience because parents can read with them at night, giving plenty of added bonuses – like better sleep and a widened vocabulary.

Beyond all this, books reduce the amount of time they spend indulging in screens, opening their eyes to new worlds and gaining a new sense of perception for life. We truly believe that these advantages are something that screens just can’t replicate (well, to an extent).

What are the best books for kids in 2020?

It is hard to go past some of the great Australian classics like Wombat Stew, which is a true icon and continues to engage new generations year after year. This iconic picture book has everything, from mesmerising images to true Australiana themes and a sing-song story that is great fun for grown-ups and kids alike.

Our Australian Animal theme kit pairs perfectly with the book Wombat Stew, where the after reading fun continues to crafts. Crafts related to a book opens discussion about the story and extends you child s comprehension.  

Australian-made Bluey has become a smash hit with young ones as well and there would hardly be a preschooler or younger child that hasn't heard of the adventures of this Blue Heeler and his family.

For primary school students, Diary of a Wimpy Kid continues to be a popular choice after already selling 250 million books worldwide. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 15: The Deep End is available now, along with spin-off book Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure by Jeff Kinney.

And for the teenagers in the family, Jennifer Niven's range of books taps into the big issues and themes that matter to children going through big changes during this stage of life, including first loves and heartaches, finishing school and heading into the real world.

There are numerous other options available, leaving you spoiled with choice, but those listed above make for the perfect belated Christmas present or New Year gift for any child.

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