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Our Story


Welcome to Hand In Hand Activity Kits where we turn minutes into precious moments with your special youngster. My name is Lauren, I started Hand In Hand Activity Kits in 2017 when my son Ellis was 2 ½ because I, like many Mum and Dads, I wanted to spend more time with my toddler completing fun early learning arts and crafts kits to help build Ellis' confidence and unlock his imagination.

The challenge for me was finding the time with my new baby girl Tilly to plan, create, and purchase the materials needed and this was always time-consuming and often material would go to waste. Even so that cheeky feeling of parent guilt kept lingering, so I made it my goal to introduce thematic learning activities for my toddler. 

It was so exciting to see the knowledge he was gaining and the pure enjoyment he was getting from spending quality time with me, learning and having fun together. It soon became a fun hobby to continue my goal, I even started documenting what we were doing and wanted so badly to share with, not only my friends and family but other Mums, Dads, Grandparents and all carers.

Hand In Hand Activity Kits is all about convenience and can be completed at your own pace and ordered to suit your busy schedules. Not only are the activities and programs thematically planned for you, but they are delivered with EVERYTHING included.

All programs are reviewed by my amazing Mum who is a primary school teacher and a very proud grandmother of 5 and Mum loves completing the activities with Ellis when she’s on Nanna Duty.

You and your youngster will look forward to receiving your fun package from us at Hand In Hand Activity Kits. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and know that the quality time spent with your precious one was through early learning fun.

It’s simple, all you need is you, your youngster and those happy little hands to give it a go and enjoy turning minutes into precious moments. 

Looking forward to seeing all those Hands in Action #handinhandactivitykits

Kate, Lauren & the Hand In Hand Family