Quality Time

Creating and working together hand in hand
Turning minutes into precious moments

Complete Craft Kits for children aged 18 months - 6 years old

Turn minutes into precious moments

It’s all about quality time exploring and completing fun, interactive activities together. The exciting kits are thematically planned with ALL craft materials, tools and activity guides included for your convenience and delivered at your door!


My son and I loves Hand In Hand Activity Kits. My little boy has always loved doing arts and crafts but I notice that he feels a real sense of accomplishment and pride when he finishes one of the activities in these kits. As a Mum, I love seeing this and sharing this with him but I also love how quick and easy the activities are, especially being a new mum of two. It really sparks new conversations between my son and I and I love seeing how inquisitive he is about the activities he is doing. I know he is learning lots and having fun while doing it.

Brittany T

Received my first kit today, it arrived within a day of ordering it and I was really surprised with exactly how much was in the kit 
My daughter and I can’t wait to get stuck into the activities for this month and were extremely happy with the activities provided. 
Can’t wait for next months kit and to continue creating new projects together in the future

Kylie W

Thanks so much for these Hand In Hand Activity Kits. At the time I received these kits I was trying to juggle an active toddler, a newborn and the normal household duties, all while cooking dinner. 
Gigi and I tackled her first activity together at the same time of our usual chaos, however this time it was made fun. She was put to a task we could do together that kept her occupied and intrigued. We are loving Hand In Hand Activity Kits

Jessica C