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Craft Kits for Girls

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Explore a wide array of arts and crafts ideas for girls

When it comes to finding the perfect girls’ craft sets, choosing the right option can be a challenge for parents. Some little ones like everything pink – dolls, jewellery and home decor – while others enjoy the wonderful world of nature, science and beyond. Some love their trucks and the curiosity of space; we understand that no two children are the same.

That is what makes the Hand In Hand’s craft kits for girls perfect for parents of little ones from 18 months to 6 years. We have pre-prepared packages ready to go across the entire spectrum, so you can choose the ideal themes for your kids.

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All kits have been designed to make the process easy for parents, cutting out the need to individually source materials for a session of creative experimentation. Have your choice of craft ideas for girls delivered directly to your door – easy, simple and ready to go.

Get the most out of playtime with educational and inspirational journeys

Our entire range of girls’ craft sets is designed to be vibrant and fun. Engage your children and have them wanting to take part in crafting their final accomplishments. These sets are designed to offer physical benefits, like hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Meanwhile, consistent crafting also builds decision-making skills and when your child is working with you and their siblings (with our special sibling’s crafting packs), they are also learning the value of collaboration and teamwork to achieve their goals.

Check out our range of crafting kits for girls, boys, siblings and many options that suit all of the above. We also offer seasonal options for the whole family to enjoy. Get together to decorate the house for annual events like Halloween and Christmas, or for a simple, stress-free session of creativity.