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Happy Customers

Christina - Mummy to River Theodore

Just wanted to share the love ❤️
River received one of your kits for Xmas and they are oh so cool! Each day he asks to do another activity, such a great idea being able to reach into the box and pull out an activity ready to be created with everything included and no prep for mum!!!

Stacey - Mummy to Hamish 4 (almost 5) year old

I was lucky enough to win an activity box for my 4 (almost 5) year old.
We did the kit over a few days and both really enjoyed it.Having all materials included made it that bit easier as the time usually spent searching for the items was time we were able to spend together while his sister slept.Your onto a good thing here Lauren, what an absolutely amazing product you've created!!!


Fiona - https://www.instagram.com/haus_of_boys/

So so in love with the boys art and craft sets from @handinhandactivitykits ! Had a quiet day in with Noah yesterday and he was totally engrossed in making his Farm animals! I don't often find the time anymore to organise craft activities for the kids, but these kits come with EVERYTHING you need plus detailed instructions.. Noah ️sometimes had other ideas where things should go 😜 this is a parent/child bonding time activity so it definitely involves parental guidance which is what I love! I really enjoyed spending this one-on-one time with him, doing something that he loved.


We actually won our first kit in a competition with Hand In Hands & couldn’t be happier to have been introduced to your activity kits. My Partner & I work full time so having this kit on hand meant every free minute was spent enjoying these activities together. There was non stop smiling from all of us & we loved watching our Toddlers mind at work! We decided to buy the activity kits for our Nieces as Christmas Presents & can't wait for them to experience the fun as well.

Jenny - Mummy of Zara and Chole

These activity boxes are a must!!!! Complete with everything you need to do five great creativity experiences each and most importantly age appropriate...As a Mum the last thing you need is to be running around setting up educational experiences for your little one to do at home, with @handinhandactivitykits everything you need is right in the box and super easy!!! Great idea for Christmas presents!!! 

Josie - Mummy to Tyson 2.5 Years old

Every day is a beautiful mystery with the mood swings and energy bursts of my tiny little toddler. Hand in Hand is a sure thing for some downtime. It's so wonderful watching their little minds run wild with concentration and creativity and it's amazing to see how eager they are to not just participate but take over. These kits are very age appropriate and open up a whole new level of fun at home that we so easily put off as parents because of the prep and cleaning. Hand In Hands sorts the prep perfectly and clean up is a breeze. Happy baby, happy mummy - Hand In Hand Activity Kits! Tyson & Tyson's mum xx

Jess - Mummy of Gigi - 2 Years Old

Thanks so much for these Hand In Hand Activity Kits. At the time I purchased these kits I was trying to juggle an active toddler, a newborn, and the normal household duties, all while cooking dinner.
Gigi and I tackled her first activity together at the same time of our usual chaos, however this time it was made fun. She was put to a task we could do together that kept her occupied and intrigued. We are loving Hand in Hand Kits. 

Cathie - Mummy of Zeke - 6 Years Old

Thanks, Hand In Hand. My 2.5yr old boy enjoyed sitting down with us to do some structured craft activities. He especially liked the activity that had a song with it and kept singing the song over and over for the rest of the week. It was so much easier for a working mum to have a pre-made pack with everything we needed in it, rather than trying to think up our own craft idea and then having to source the resources needed. The instructions were easy for us to follow and the tasks were perfect for my 2.5-year-old to be able to complete with little assistance. This made him feel like he created it himself. Thanks for putting all the effort into preparing them. We look forward to trying out more packs in the future.

Kylie - Mummy of Rory - 20 months old

Hand In Hands activities are such a fun and convenient way to bond with my son. Being a single mum is often hard to get to the shops to get arts and crafts supplies. Hand in Hand have this covered by sending all the supplies and tools so we can simply enjoy the time together.

Brittany - Mummy of Madden - 2.5 Years Old 

My son and I love Hand In Hand Activity Kits. My little boy has always loved doing arts and crafts but I notice that he feels a real sense of accomplishment and pride when he finishes one of the activities in these kits. As a Mum, I love seeing this and sharing this with him but I also love how quick and easy the activities are, especially being a new mum of two. It really sparks new conversations between my son and I and I love seeing how inquisitive he is about the activities he is doing. I know he is learning lots and having fun while doing it which is why I'll come back for more 🙂 thank you for creating such convenient and cool kits

Carly - Mummy of Evie - 3 Years old

Hand In Hand Activity Kits have been an absolute lifesaver for me as a now working mum of two. Prior to going back to work, I would organise craft and activities occasionally for my 3-year-old Evie and I had the time and energy to go and get the materials when needed. Now that I'm back at work I have found myself extremely time poor and often feeling guilty on my days off that my little Evie isn't as stimulated as she could be (she loves to be creative). I mostly missed that one on one time with her and watching her light up when she achieved a skill or made something she was proud of. When I heard of the Hand in Hand Activity Kits I thought I'd give it a try to see if it could alleviate my guilt of wanting to do more for Evie when I wasn't working. The first week (the days I wasn't at work) we did an activity together when my 1 year old would go down for her first sleep. All the material were included which made it super convenient. For each activity which usually wasn't longer than 20mins all I had to do was facilitate the activity and be there to spend time with Evie. She loves the activities and bugs me to complete them with her. It's 15-20 mins max of my day off and it's time so well spent. I feel good, Evie feels good and we have a gallery hanging in the toy room. Would highly recommend Hand in Hand Activity Kits to the time poor working Mum who wants to do more with their kids!

Sandy - Mummy of Sophie (age 3) and Mikaela (age 6)

My kids love doing art and crafts and Hand In Hand Hands Activity Kits are just right for them! They are fun and good activities for bonding with my kids.