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How to Set Up Kids’ Play Equipment Easily

With the school holidays coming up, you’ll be looking for fun ways to keep your little people entertained and out of mischief. More than that, you’ll want a variety of activities to engage, challenge and keep their minds occupied until they return.

Setting up a designated play centre or station for your child gives them somewhere special to keep their supplies and toys, while also encouraging a sense of routine. It’s somewhere that will excite them to keep coming back again and again.

How to set up a kids’ play centre or dedicated room

First you’ll need to find the perfect place in the house to set up. Ideally this is somewhere like a living area or bedroom corner with a desk or table that’s easy to clean, in case of any messes. It’s also good to keep this away from a high-traffic area to allow them to focus.

Then, you’ll want to gather all the supplies, tools and toys your munchkin will need. You can group things together to keep them organised – with their drawing supplies, paper, glue, stickers, blocks and puzzles, etc in different boxes or drawers so they can be easily found.

Arts and crafts are a great way to keep your kids busy, while also sparking their minds and imaginations. The benefits of this for a child’s development are huge, as not only does it encourage problem solving and decision-making, but it also grows their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Having their own private station will also encourage their independence and self-reliance to play and work out problems on their own. This is an important character-building skill that can only help them further in life. It also builds their self-esteem by inviting them to take pride and ownership of their own work.

Getting active

You can also encourage their overall growth and physical development by setting up designated spaces for keeping active. To get them moving, you might set up a play mat where they can stretch out, dance, skip, jump, practice yoga or spread out their toys.

Having a collection of things on hand will keep things varied, interesting and balanced. This way, your little superstar will never be short of things to do, and will be kept captivated for hours!

At Hand in Hand we have a range of craft and activity kits designed to keep kids busy. For us, it’s all about creating quality time together and nurturing their development. Each kit is themed and includes all the craft materials, activity guides and tools you need to get started.

Our kits are suitable for toddlers from as early as 18 months, right through to the little Prep students. If you’re not sure what to pick, we have a handy guide to help you decide which kit will best suit your child.

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