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More About us


Hey Hand In Hand community (welcome to our happy place) and it’s been a minute since we introduced ourselves, got new pics taken and don't look as awkward as normal so we thought we would say hey! Hey! 🤗👋

We are Kate and Lauren and yes, we are sisters👭 Did you know our husbands can't tell our voices apart on the phone, yes we try to trick them answering each others phones pretending to be the other... Lame... Yes we know!

Fun facts about us: We have 5 children between us. The eldest, Ellis is 6 and bubba Estelle is the youngest at 15 weeks old 👶
We live in Sydney. Lauren lives West, Kate lives South. 💙 Lauren enjoys MAFs where Kate can't stand reality TV. 💛 Kate loves podcasts, Kate thinks Lauren is weird because she likes silence in the car. 💚 Kate is super affectionate and always craves love especially from Lauren, Lauren gives the awkward cuddle back to just shut Kate up. Kate calls Lauren “Elsa” because she thinks she is a cold ice queen! HARSH yeh? ❤️ Kate is older but shorter, much shorter lol and looks heaps younger... (Yes it is Kate writing this).
We are so different but we are two peas in a pod, soul mates.
Sometimes we are on the video call not talking to each other going on about our day, but just knowing we are there on the other end makes life more fun...eak! We are cute. 
So that’s a bit about us, well heaps about us

Thanks for reading :)