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Educational Arts and Crafts Activities for Preschoolers

Educational activities for preschoolers & kids

Educational activities for preschoolers

The development of children at this age is so important as they prepare to make the step into school and curriculum-based learning. All of our educational activities for preschoolers are designed to be as fun as they are experimental, available across a wide range of themes.

Explore a huge variety of educational arts and crafts for preschoolers Our assortments include options such as:

  • Christmas: Celebrate the Silly Season with educational activity kits that are designed to get your children excited about a visit from the North Pole.
  • Siblings packs: Improving teamwork and collaboration skills are important heading into the preschool years and these activities will inspire your young ones to work together to complete common goals.
  • Pets: What child doesn’t love their pet? This is a great way to introduce them to new learning concepts while having fun building their own animal-based projects.
  • Australian animals: Educational activities involving the most adorable Australian animals. Children will learn about the life cycle of a platypus, using their creation to role play the different stages.
  • Dinosaurs: Develop fine motor skills and construct amazing dinosaur creations with this popular pack, featuring the thrilling story of the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Under the Sea: There is so much fun to be had under the sea with these activities designed to improve scissor work and hand-eye coordination as well as sounds, letters, numbers and much more.
  • Music: Children will learn to understand the different instruments, sounds and even the basic elements of coding with these activities.
  • Farming: All of your child’s favourite animals are here in these bright and engaging educational arts and crafts, including scissor-work activities.
  • Rainbows: A fantastic sensory experience with all of the colours of the rainbow which can be hung from the wall and gifted to friends, giving children a greater understanding of colours and patterns as well as numbers and letters.
  • Transport: Beep beep! Get ready to build your own cars and other vehicles as well as race tracks with numbers, reading and writing your building blocks to success in these fun transport-based activities.
  • Fairytales: Our Once Upon a Time arts and crafts packages take your child to faraway lands where ogres roam nearby castles, and unicorns and fairies explore the magical land.
  • Space: Take a trip to the moon and beyond with these sets that use letters as sounds the guide to creating your own rockets and creatures from outer space. Watch them learn the alphabet and all of its sounds, as well as develop their writing skills and learning to write their name.
  • Ladybug: Loads of early learning fun to be had with activities to assist with working with letters and numbers and plenty of big bright ladybug creations to complete outdoors as they venture out in a sensory-based exercise.
  • Celebrations: Prepare for birthdays and other celebration with these designs that allow for your child to create their own cards, wrapping paper, decorations and more.

Gift vouchers and subscription options are available as well for the perfect present for your friends and family. All of our educational activities for preschoolers can be purchased through Afterpay over four easy instalments. If you are struggling to decide, why not take a look at our Surprise Kits, for a sense of mystery straight to your doorstep – perfect for boys and girls.

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